She's Got Her OWN Network Is Government Certified...

She's Got Her OWN Network is proud to announce that we are NOW Officially Government Certified.



She’s Got Her OWN Network helps women ages 18+ who want to:

  • Build A Business
  • Quit Their 9-5
  • Build Their Credit
  • Own A Home
  • Earn Passive Income
  • Build Systems Of Success
  • Be Empowered
  • Establish Multiple Streams Of Income
  • Build An Empire And Leave A Legacy
  • Level Up Their Lifestyle & Income
  • Become Sustainable & Independent


  • We help women get mentally prepared through guidance and resources
  • We help women see their virtue, acknowledge their value, and provide strategies to execute their vision
  • We help women boost and enhance their credit through education, resources, and strategies
  • We help women save time and money by doing all the research, curation, and investigations to find truthful resources
  • We help women build, boost, and maintain their business or brand through courses, resources, and strategies
  • We help women purchase homes through our home buying program
  • We help women become sustainable by building systems that provide residual and passive income.


  • She’s Got Her OWN Network gives you a community of likeminded individuals who are on the same path towards success
  • She’s Got Her OWN Network is a self paced curated data platform that allows you to learn on your own time
  • She’s Got Her OWN Network is full of important step by step resources that save you time and money
  • She’s Got Her OWN Network is relatable. The network is easy to follow, easy to use, and easy to maintain
  • She’s Got Her OWN Network does all the research so you don’t have to and curates resources in the network just for you
  • She’s Got Her OWN Network isn’t a cookie cutter network. We meet you where you are and help you thrive
  • She’s Got Her OWN Network provides ways to earn income immediately (results vary)
  • She’s Got Her OWN Network can connect you to the industry that could further expand your brand and elevate your lifestyle




The cost to join She’s Got Her OWN Network is ONLY $4.44 to begin and $32.99 to stay.

We suggest that members stay throughout the course of 12 months to get the full benefit of the network.

You have the option to cancel at anytime. You aren’t locked into a contract.

That’s $1.08 a day that you will be investing into the development of your business and or life.


That’s LITERALLY “Pennies on the Dollar.”

We’ve kept the price low to allow you the opportunity to GROW, without breaking your bank.

The resources, tools, and strategies that we provide are worth THOUSANDS more than what you pay for.


BONUS: Membership can be written off as an educational expense. So you technically never lose, you ONLY WIN!

The only thing holding you back is you. We know you’re worth $1.08 a day.



The convenience to be apart of a network that’s on your side and provides you with the top resources, solutions, strategies, and opportunities to help you win in both business and in life. We read, research, and provide RESULTS to our members, so they don't have to worry about if the resources that they are recieving are factual or fluff. We understand that our members are bosses who are busy running empires or taking care of their familes so we make it easy for them to learn, earn, and grow while being on the go. We strategically curate the resoucres that are provided, then package them up so that our membrs can easily retrieve them at any time that they wish. No need to keep spending money on endless courses, downloads, and seminars...WE'VE ALREADY BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT!

Save yourself time and money by becoming a member and gaining full access to our DATA VAULT OF SUCCESS.

For literally $1.08 a day you are investing into your future of success.


"The price is low, but your profit will be HIGH."

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