Set Your Prices And Walk Away...

Set Your Prices And Walk Away...

Being a boss isnt an easy job. You're constantly haggled about your pricing by people trying to get a discount.

What we have learned through our 20+ years of being in business is that you as the BOSS have to learn to SET YOUR PRICES AND WALK AWAY! Stand firm in your pricing and don't allow your customers to talk you down.

You have to understand that your pricing isn't up for negotiations and your customers need to understand that as well and respect it.

You might lose a potential customer or client but that's ok, they weren't for you anyway if your pricing wasn't suited for them. People have options and they have every right to choose another option, but they don't have the right to haggle you about your pricing. 

You're the set your prices and walk away. Those who VALUE your product or service will patronize your business and those who don't won't. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Simple as that. Don't beat yourself up over it...keep going boss.



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