If Money Talk Annoys Your Friends, Find New Friends.

People seem to get extremely annoyed, irritated, and upset when people talk about their luxury cars, private jets, and their country club memberships. 


Well, we don’t truly know why but we will just go out on a limb and say it’s because “They just could careless.

They don’t see themselves living that type of lifestyle, so why talk about it or focus on it?”

This is why we suggest avoiding those type of conversations with people who don’t THINK WEALTHY and TALK MONEY!

And be wary of those who can’t make money, who spend all their money, or who can’t pick up the bill when you're out.

You can’t learn anything from penny savers, naysayers, and income drainers. They will squeeze you dry.


It takes courage to make money; 80 percent of all millionaires today are first-generation millionaires. They didn’t inherit their money or start with money. You have to be courageous to connect with new customers, get more attention, and dominate your customers so that they can think of no one else BUT YOU and only you. (The Best Marketer Wins.)

Making money, keeping money, and then multiplying money requires a monster commitment, dedication, and an obsession with growth. Don’t be a mere spectator when it comes to making money. Be sure you are on the field trying to score.


There is so much money on this planet it is mind-boggling, yet most people have next to none.

Most people don’t have money because they believe there is a shortage of money, or they believe they don’t deserve it or that it’s hard to get.

I take the attitude that money is everywhere, money is infinite. Everyone has money, and if they are treated right and provided with what they asked for (and more than that), they will happily give me their money.


When you are in need of money, you need to be able to talk to people who understand your needs and who want to help you think of ways to get paid. You don’t need someone telling you that “It is what it is..” NO you need people who will encourage you to get up, get out, and HUSTLE!


Look around you..from friends, family, associates, and people you walk past on your way to work..THAT’S ALL MONEY!!!

Look for a customer to buy your products or services to get money for them. You want revenue? Instead of being obsessed with never having enough, focus on how much money there is and on getting in front of those people who need what you’re offering. Target in on the money.

Money is everywhere. Because of this mind-set, money comes easily, effortlessly, and abundantly. You can spend a lot of it and give it away and still have plenty. (You gotta Believe)

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