How To Interview In Person....

How To Interview In Person....

The COMPLETE guide to interviewing IN PERSON:

1. Dress appropriately.

2. Don’t over caffeinate.

3. Be punctual.

4. Firm handshake, smile, eye contact.

5. Sit upright in a comfortable position.

6. Know “what” you are professionally and “who” you are as a person, to state what makes you a good candidate for the role.

7. Know in-depth details of the company and “why” you want to work for it.

8. Showcase skills and achievements.

9. Know “what” the role entails.

10. Know “how” you can add value.

11. Know your salary expectation.

12. Know when you can start.

13. Know C.A.R.L.* technique to respond to competency-based questions.

14. Have 2-4 questions prepared that you wish to ask.

15. If a facing a panel, make eye contact with the person asking the question, but address your answer to all panelists.

16. Make sure your phone is silent and doesn’t vibrate.

17. Know your resume inside out

18. Don’t get into emotional details about extended gaps.

19. Restrict personal to avoid discrimination.

20. Resist the urge to fill silences or talk over the interviewer.

Send a “thank you” email within 6 hours.

But most importantly...... Remember to breathe and BE yourself!! Good luck, and anything to add, please?!

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